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Upcycling is more than just a trend.

To give an old t-shirt a second life: That’s what upcycling is about.

To put it a little less lyrically: Upcycling is the reuse of materials to create new products. Basic materials of a product will be reused. Sounds simple – but is sometimes quite complicated. That’s why LOVE MAGENTA chooses experienced partners for this. For example, the team from two lives:The London-based label processes leftover stock, so-called deadstock, into new products. Our collaboration began with the 99% upcycled sweaters in our 2020 collection. Our so popular Xmas Jumper was also realized by the creative duo.

The basis for the brand new upcycled bags are t-shirts from the old LOVE MAGENTA collection. The designers of two lives and their producers in Portugal cut up six shirts to work out which bag designs could be sewn in which quantities. Two designs were so popular that they both made it into the collection: a lightweight, soft gym bag and the zipper pouches. By the way, these are particularly economical: four pouches can be made from one leftover shirt.


“Smart and sustainable. But most of all: necessary!”

Christine Zobel, LOVE MAGENTA project lead

With this method, the fabric of the t-shirt remains intact and is not divided into fibers and woven into new fabric, as is the case with recycling. This creates real added value. But why go to all this trouble for a few bags? Upcycling is necessary. Around 92 million tons of textiles from the fashion industry end up in trash every year. To put it metaphorically: Worldwide, a garbage truck load of material is stored or incinerated every second. 95% of all textiles could be recycled or reprocessed. But the recycling rate is only 15% at most.

BAG FOR GOOD! Get your bag and be part of the cycle.

Reprocessing a product requires only a mere fraction of the energy that would be needed to produce a new one. This is more than enough reason for LOVE MAGENTA to be proactive. We want to be part of the cycle and protect resources – and thus our environment.

With the new upcycling bags you not only have a stylish product. You become part of the creative cycle: for a mindful approach to the environment.

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