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An insight into product design and creation

To realize a product “from scratch” – that takes a lot of work. But it’s a pleasure to see that the result is as successful as the Duffle Bags.

Did you know that we at LOVE MAGENTA develop most of our products completely new and individually – directly with the designers? For the launch of our three duffle bags we want to give you a detailed insight into the creation of a product.

In short, new products at LOVE MAGENTA are created like this: It starts with a weekly design-thinking and early trend scouting session followed by a briefing for the designers to realize the idea. Then it’s time for the first prototype – a sample. And of course we put it through its paces: Does the bag sit properly on the chest? Is the sleeve wide enough? Does the inner lining have the right magenta tone? How does the grip feel in the hand? If everything fits, the final sample goes into production.

When developing the duffle bags, we started with a brainstorming on all the features a bag needs. Everyone knows duffle bags are the perfect travel mates for the weekend trip. But duffle bags are also ideal for quick shopping or to go out for sports. Their lining and distribution should be as flexible as their use: Enough space, but please not too big in size! Carriers are necessary, but also a shoulder strap to make heavy things easy to move. And of course: pockets on the inside, pockets on the outside – stable zippers.


From the lining, over the coloration, up to the type of zipper: The duffle bags are unique!

Duffle Bags: designed from scratch

The designer made some proposals for the color combinations. The choice fell on bright neon yellow, chic black and of course magenta. After the first sample, the material of the straps was defined and it was decided that the buckles and karabiners needed to be stronger. The producer gave us the possibility to use recycled plastic. Eight PET bottles are processed in the upper material of each bag. A real benefit at an incredible price. Last but not least, the colors on the different materials of the duffles were improved.

Done: The post production sample of the bag was finished – just as it can be bought today on LOVE MAGENTA. In three special color combinations, with pockets and compartments for different needs and a shape that’s compact enough for travel, but offers enough storage space.

ALL GOOD THINGS COME IN THREES: duffle bags are a top seller!

But the biggest challenge was yet to come: Would the community find the new arrival in the COLOR LOVE line just as fantastic as the team around LOVE MAGENTA? A launch is always thrilling and we are all the more pleased that the unique weekenders are as popular as we hoped.

Find a duffle in your favorite color in the store now and wear it with pride and joy that there is so much passion for design and quality in this LOVE MAGENTA must-have.

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