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Doing good just looks great!

Social Reponsibility instead of “fast fashion” – this credo is becoming increasingly popular in fashion. With a new partner, we are also focusing on more sustainability in the new LOVE MAGENTA collection.

To fill your lifestyle with colour and joy is our goal – but not at any price. That’s why LOVE MAGENTA takes responsibility not to lose sight of issues of environment and sustainability in our daily work. We already produce a large part of our clothing from organic cotton and pay attention to a balanced ratio of fibre blends.

With our new collection, however, we wanted to become even more sustainable in the production process – and have therefore strengthened our position with a very special partner: the fashion label two lives from London is not only pioneering when it comes to upcycling and recycling in textile production. The two founders Tina and Nicklas also have a very good knack for fashion design and unisex cuts, which suit women and men equally well.

The 2-in-1 production of unisex clothing prevents the overproduction and textile waste so common in the fashion industry – and thus helps to make the LOVE MAGENTA collection a little more sustainable. At the same time, the unisex theme is always a real challenge for every fashion designer: “The pre-production of a unisex cut is about precision on many different levels”, knows Tina as an experienced fashion designer. Take exact measurements again, optimise the fit even further – and don’t get too “high-fashion”. In the end it’s all about millimetres, a lot of work and even more attention to detail. And that’s exactly why we are especially proud of our very fashionable, very wearable new unisex shirts for LOVE MAGENTA.

“Nothing new made new” – with this philosophy two lives also pays special attention to textiles and materials from recycling and upcycling. The basis for this is the so-called “deadstock” – a fashion term for unsaleable garments from overproduction. Two lives prefers to recycle and reprocess such leftovers – with astonishing results. Our two absolute favourites in the new LOVE MAGENTA collection bear witness to this: our Upcycling-Sweater for men and the Hearted Hoodie for women.


“It’s about time – and also a lot of fun – to find the best possible solution for something that makes the world a little better. And when it becomes the latest fashion, you’re on a really good way.”

Tina Lilienthal – co-founder of two lives

Upcycling meets Unisex: our new favourite LOVE MAGENTA pieces

When it comes to combining the two words “sustainable” and “fashionable”, Bonn-native Tina and her co-founder Nicklas from the London label two lives are the ideal sparring partners for the LOVE MAGENTA team. The two summer sweaters for her and him as well as our cool new unisex shirts are definitive “must haves” in the new LOVE MAGENTA collection – and at the same time make it a good deal more sustainable.

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