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New edition of the Telekom room fragrance

Valuable raw materials, natural ingredients, some pink pepper and a fine nose – sounds almost as if we are talking about cooking. But it’s all about the re-launch of Deutsche Telekom’s popular room fragrance. We reveal why Telekom smells so good.

The Telekom brand fragrance is a unique, unmistakable scent designed and developed by a team of leading experts. The composed scent also takes into account the latest scientific findings on the effect of special scent molecules. Thus it has a valuable activating effect and is warm and spicy in its composition.

But why does Deutsche Telekom smell like this exactly? The focus is a different one in scent marketing. Geza Schön, one of the world’s leading perfumers, knows this too. He invented the well-known Molecule fragrances and also is the developer of our brand fragrance.

One meets a creation with the question, which characteristics one wants to convey via the fragrance and which associations are associated with it. This is not so easy, as the experience of smells of known dimensions is very individual. Moreover, the science of olfactory science is still surprisingly young.

This is the second time that Deutsche Telekom has launched its brand scent with a top team thanks to its popularity. Geza Schön just fine-tuned the molecular structure to create the optimal fragrance experience with Robert Müller-Grünow, owner of Scentcommunication and pioneer of fragrance marketing.

It sounds a bit like being in a chemistry lab – and it’s actually a pretty similar situation. To create a pleasant smell at the end, not too obtrusive but striking enough, essences of many natural and valuable raw materials are combined into a fragrance composition.


“Unique, unmistakable and of outstanding quality.”

The brand fragrance of Deutsche Telekom

LOVE IS IN THE AIR: Much more than just a pleasant smell

Telekom room scent takes into account the latest scientific findings on the effect of special scent molecules: Pink pepper berries immediately associate the colour magenta and have an activating effect. Styrax has a euphoric effect and smells resinous-fresh. The warm, spicy wood scent of cashmeran with floral and musky elements conveys the feeling of soft embraces – as only cashmere produces. The result is a bouquet characterized by woody and balsamic notes and fresh cardamom and euphoric styrax. Unique, unmistakable and of outstanding quality – a fragrance that connects.

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