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20 years Telekom Electronic Beats anniversary book

Telekom celebrates 20 years of Electronic Beats. It was a vibrant time, and we want to show it: with a book about music, culture, brands and digital spaces. The fact that pop culture and music reach and move people has been recognized by many brands in the past. But few have succeeded in entering into a deeper symbiosis with music. Not to mention building a long-term relationship with the unique world of pop. For the past 20 years it has been the former state-owned Telekom, who has established Electronic Beats, one of the central platforms of electronic music culture. This is no serendipity and because of that it is a story full of interesting twists and turns and fortunate decisions. It can now be read in “Electronic Beats”.

The book is published in German by Blumenbar/Aufbau Verlag

With contributions by Honey Dijon, Billie Eilish, Bryan Ferry, Ellen Allien, Daniel Wang, Lars Eidinger, Ji-Hun Kim, Whitney Wei, Max Dax, Marie Staggat, Sven von Thülen, Lisa Blanning, Jan Wehn, Jens Balzer, Gunseli Yalcinkaya, Laura Aha, Thomas Venker, Derek Opperman, Aida Baghernejad, Dixon, Transmoderna, Jens-Gerrit Papenburg, Anika Meier, Tim Bruening, Caroline Whiteley, Serhat Işık, Benjamin Alexander Huseby and drawings by Stefan Marx and many more.


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