2 in 1 Yoga Belt

Work-life balance. Are you also thinking about the next yoga flow right away? For all yoginis among you we have a highlight to show you. Because this is no normal yoga belt. And this is not just a mat strap either. This is: both! Our yoga strap is a classic from the yoga scene with a LOVE MAGENTA look: with metal rings on both ends, it’s a 2-in-1 transport aid and yoga prop for your asana practice. Two loops hold your mat, which you can carry easily over your shoulder. And since the whole fitness world knows the importance of stretching, the strap isn’t just for the yoga community. Grab your gym mat and then get to work out. Magenta on the move!


  • Slip one end of the strap through the first ring of the other end of the strap. Pull the belt into a loop. Now put the end of the strap through the other metal ring at the now created loop and pull the strap completely through to fix the loop.
  • Now slide the strap on the still open side of the strap through both buckles of the side and pull the resulting loop to the size of the other.
  • Now you can put the strap around your mat.
  • During training or yoga you simply loosen the second loop again and use the belt for your exercises. Bodynova shows how it works.
  • Strap material: cotton
  • 200 cm x 3,8 cm
  • 2 metal rings on both ends
  • T-Logo tag attached

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