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Everything about our mission, our values – and what else you should know about LOVE MAGENTA.

Our philosophy

More than 80% of our employees are proud of the Telekom brand and are happy to relate to it. LOVE MAGENTA gives the opportunity to celebrate their belonging – sometimes loudly, sometimes very gently. Apart from our strong T-logo, the colour magenta has a very unique position.

Since 2016, LOVE MAGENTA has been creating an exclusive collection of clothing and lifestyle products that bring the philosophy behind the brand to life. The central element is the distinctive colour magenta and its use in combination with exclusive fashion and product design.

All articles are not only suitable for the job, but also for your everyday life. Our goal: Creating things that people simply love to wear and use. At the same time , LOVE MAGENTA is always a statement of solidarity with our brand and company.

Since autumn 2018, all LOVE MAGENTA goods cannot only be found online but also in our small, sophisticated pop-up store at our headquarters in Bonn.


To fill your lifestyle with colour and joy is our goal – but not at any price. That’s why LOVE MAGENTA takes responsibility not to lose sight of issues of environment and sustainability in our daily work. That’s why we constantly monitor production chains, materials, delivery processes and packaging systems.

Recycling and upcycling are essential elements in our selection of products. When it comes to fibre mixtures, we take care to achieve a fine balance of materials. We try to reduce packaging or even completely avoid it. Furthermore, we increasingly use recycled paper and plastic. We also have many items produced within Europe in order to minimize shipping distances.

We put a lot of time and effort into building partnerships that enable us to buy small purchase quantities and use modern, sustainable materials and production techniques. There we pay special attention to the involvement of small and already sustainable production partners.


Deutsche Telekom cooperates in many areas with creative people from the worlds of art, music and fashion.

And LOVE MAGENTA also uses the creative potential of collaborations with artists in the development of products and design. Equally important: Co-creation with popular brands, current labels and innovative start-ups. Our goal: creating appealing products with added value and the power of identification for our community.

Whether t-shirt or sweater, shopping bag or weekender, sneaker-laces or dog leashes – the collaborations with partners such as Adidas, KNOMO London, Von Jungfeld, SoL Bottle or two lives allow LOVE MAGENTA to offer high-quality products at fair prices continuously.


We are proud of magenta. No doubt – it is one of the most important elements of our brand presence. There are not many brands that can be identified by one color alone. With LOVE MAGENTA we celebrate our favorite colour and want to inspire customers and employees.

Lovemagenta.com builds on this. In addition to a classic online shop, we integrate our community. On our social wall, we show Instagram posts of how our products are staged and combined into individual styles. The community is an inspiration for us and for each other, and this is how we spread the Magenta lifestyle – together.


LOVE MAGENTA stands for high-quality fashion and lifestyle products that are just as suitable for the office or corporate events as they are for private life and leisure. We are constantly updating our collection – with different concepts and partners, for different target groups and occasions. We always keep the diversity of our community in mind – after all, there should be something for everyone: sometimes casual, sometimes edgy.

In our collection lines, we stage the logo, the colour and our philosophy. Different brand elements are thus combined and reinterpreted by our designers with iconic styles and current trends.

Our editions include limited product series that are exclusively designed by artists, developed in collaboration with creative partners, other telecoms divisions or partner brands. Followers and friends of LOVE MAGENTA can always look forward to unique collector’s items.


We pay special attention to transparency – especially in pricing. LOVE MAGENTA is not set up for profit, but for a positive brand experience and identification with Telekom. Against this backdrop, we calculate our assortment to cover costs in order to create an attractive offer all around our favourite colour: very special products with a unique design in small editions – at a fair price. This is exactly the reason why we offer popular branded products at very attractive conditions time and again.

In addition, we aim to focus even more on one-time runs in the future in order to avoid surplus production. Because on the one hand, they must be refinanced, and on the other hand they are not sustainable at all. Another (charming) side effect: Each of our editions will become a “limited edition“. It will only be reissued when the LOVE MAGENTA community simply can’t get enough of it.

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